Location-Based Currency Exchange Rate Aggregator in Three New Cities


5 MAY 2016

4xLabs announced today the launch of Get4x in three new cities: Hong Kong, Bangkok and Mumbai, thus bringing the transparency and convenience of discovering the best exchange rates among money changing outlets to an even greater number of users. Get4x is a mobile and desktop application that provides the exchange rates users need to make a fair and informed decision when transacting in foreign currency without having to physically travel from outlet to outlet to make that comparison. All users have to do, is open up the app on their mobile, and Get4x will list money changers around them and exchange rates they are offering for the specified currency that users want. Get4x was the first app of its kind when it was launched in Singapore in 2012.

“We have specifically chosen Hong Kong, Bangkok and Mumbai as key strategic cities for the next phase of our growth as these are global travel hubs for both business and tourism,” said Julien Labruyere, CEO and founder of 4xLabs. “Every time travellers exchange their cash at the airport, or worse, use their credit card or ATM overseas, they are paying an extra surcharge of up to 10-15 percent. Licensed local money changers on the other hand, can offer a much better deal.”

Exchange rates offered by money changers however, fluctuate greatly from outlet to outlet because of added commissions and the amount of requested currency that the money changer has in stock, which is constantly in flux. Get4x solves a global problem these travellers face by allowing them to compare exchange rates from money changers nearby and decide whether the money changers are quoting them fair and decent rates.

The newly launched Get4x application has a redesigned user interface, as well as new features, the most significant of which is the inclusion of city maps which allows users to compare foreign exchange rates from money changer outlets across the city at a glance. Users can also opt to view the top five best rates in the city for the foreign currency they wish to purchase or sell. Get4x is powered by an innovative rate modeling engine that ensures the most up-to-date rates are displayed any time users conduct a search. In addition, a favourite feature allows users to add their preferred money changers to a list, and access information about these money changers quickly and easily.

“The new Get4x app further improves upon our winning value proposition for customers by providing them with key features such as maps that will greatly improve their user experience. We’ve taken into consideration the feedback of our customers over the years and we’re certain they will be pleased with this latest release,” said Chris Vanden Berghe, Chief Technology Officer of 4xLabs.

In the next few weeks, 4xLabs will be rolling out a “Request to Book” feature in Get4x, that will allow users to lock in rates that they see in real time with their preferred money changing outlet. Upon confirmation of the booking by money changers, users will be able to pick up the amount of currency that they have ordered at a specified time slot within the same day, at the exchange rates they had booked it at. Get4x is available for download immediately on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

About 4xLabs

4xLabs is a forward thinking technology company that is bringing efficiency and transparency to the foreign exchange market. We build web tools and mobile apps for travelers and provide APIs and software platforms for money changers. 4xLabs is a fast ­growing start-up that is headquartered in Singapore, with additional offices in Hong Kong, India (Bangalore and Mumbai), Thailand (Bangkok), and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh). For more information, visit 4xlabs.co.

About Get4x

Get4x is a location-based currency exchange discovery app that provides a comparison of the best exchange rates from licensed money changers in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Singapore. For more information, visit get4x.com.